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The Love Stories of Running Back, Actor, and Activist Jim Brown

Jim Brown, the legendary running back for the Cleveland Browns, the movie star, and the activist, was one of the most dominant athletes of all time. But he had an extremely complicated love life, marked by two marriages, a few engagements, and many allegations of abuse.


Jet Magazine (June 21, 1962): Football Ace Jim Brown Sued for Divorce”

Ebony Magazine (December 1964): “The Controversial Jim Brown” by Alex Poinsett

Jet Magazine (July 8, 1965): Grid Star Jim Brown Denies Unsportsmanlike Motel Conduct”

The Spokesman-Review (July 15, 1965): “Girl Breaks Down During Testimony”

Jet Magazine (June 27, 1968): Jim Brown Arrested in Hollywood on Assault Charge”

Jet Magazine (September 12, 1968): Jim Brown’s Wife Sues for Divorce, Charges Neglect”

Jet Magazine (October 24, 1968): “Jim Mum On Possible Marriage To Model: Escorts Her To Premiere” by Chester Higgins

Ebony Magazine (December 1968): “Film Star Jim Brown” by Charles L. Sanders

Jet Magazine (March 13, 1969): Doesn’t Want To Be Known As “Jim Brown’s Girl”

Jet Magazine (September 4, 1969): Trouble-Plagued Jim Brown Talks About Latest Hassle”

Jet Magazine (May 13, 1971): “Drop Battery Charges Against Jim Brown”

Jet Magazine (June 29, 1972): Jim Brown Ordered To Pay $2,500 A Month in Alimony

Jet Magazine (February 14, 1974): Jim Brown Talks About The Girl He Will Marry” by Grayson Mitchell

Jet Magazine (February 21, 1974): The Problems of Black Wives and Famous Athletes” by Ronald E. Kisner

Los Angeles Times (June 19, 1985): “Jim Brown’s Accuser Testifies in Rape Case” by Linda Deutsch

Jet Magazine (September 15, 1986): “Charges Against Jim Brown Dropped By His Fiancee”

Jet Magazine (October 30, 1989): “Jim Brown’s Book Talks About His Encounters With The Rich and Famous”

Jet Magazine (October 4, 1999): Jim Brown Cleared Of Threatening Wife But Faces Sentence For Vandalism”

Deadspin (September 11, 2014): “Jim Brown Won’t Let Just Anybody In” by Peter Dexter

Deadspin (July 26, 2016): “Jim Brown Did Great Things; He Also Beat Women” by Diana Moskovitz

Cleveland (May 19, 2023): “Jim Brown’s legacy clouded by allegations of domestic violence” by John H. Tucker

Sports Illustrated (May 19, 2023): “Jim Brown Lived a Remarkable Life Like Few Other Athletes” by Tim Layden


Everyone Has A Story by Debra Clark

Jim Brown: The Life of An American Hero by Mike Freeman

Jim Brown: The Last Man Standing by Dave Zirin

Out of Bounds by Jim Brown

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