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Frequently Asked Questions

I encounter many inquiries  so hopefully, this page will answer some of the questions you may want to ask. If you have a question that needs answering that you don’t see below, send me a message.

Yes, feel free to suggest anyone. Aisle Tell You What love stories only focus on:

  • engagements, weddings and/or marriages of prominent or notable Black couples or interracial couples where at least one person is Black or has Black ancestry
  • Black wedding vendors that impacted history

Note: Aisle Runners, or the ATYW Patreon members, get first dibs at requests.

The research for the Aisle Tell You What love stories come from reading a variety of memoirs, biographies, paid newspaper subscriptions, encyclopedias, and magazines. I also occasionally watch documentaries, as well.

It isn’t old stuff to us, but another level of Black History. The hope for Aisle Tell You What is that we can reflect on the weddings and marriages of the past from a honest, pragmatic perspective. It isn’t to be salacious or focus on the scandals of yesterday, but to realistically look at these moments inspired by love.

Aisle Tell You What aims to be a mostly unbiased video series that allows you, the viewer, to make their own decisions about the stories being shared. I try to keep my personal thoughts and opinions to myself, honestly. So in the short: the answer is no.

Yes. I have a dermatological condition called lichen spinulosus

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