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It's all love... Black History.

Our Story

It all started on TikTok.

Yes, that’s right. When Black History Month 2023 rolled around, I wanted to recognize the weddings and marriages of notable figures of our past. So I began to share these anecdotes on a daily basis. Instantly, people were drawn to these stories as it showed Black History in a new light. 

By April 2023, Aisle Tell You What officially launched as a visual podcast on the Tube of You and wherever listeners listen to podcasts. The episodes became a deeper, humanizing reflection into the legendary figures throughout Black History and their journeys to and from love.  

In its first season, Aisle Tell You What has been featured on and 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose podcast.


I’m Ashleigh Coffie, the woman behind the love stories. I grew up a hopeless romantic and then evolved into a pragmatic romantic as an adult. So you could say that is what led me to create Aisle Tell You What.

But before that, I started Hue I Do Podcast (and ultimately, the media brand Hueido) with my best friend in 2019 to provide representation to the wedding media space while also normalizing all of the feelings around wedding planning.

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Our Purpose

Passion in our past

Black History in the context of love is more than just jumping the broom. Through the years, we’ve had elaborate weddings, controversial romances, and relationships that went against the norm of society. We need to remember this.

Humanize our legends

When we place the people we associate with Black excellence on pedestals, we strip them of their humanity. We can recognize their accolades while also being honest about their intrapersonal and romantic relationships. Remember, you learn a lot about a person by seeing who and how they love.

See you in the pews