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The Love Stories of Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson? Now that’s a name that could launch a rocket (or maybe outrun one!). This guy wasn’t just an athlete, he was a two-sport superhero. He was a force of nature, a walking highlight reel. But beyond who he was in the pros, the early days of his romantic life were just as interesting.

Bo Jackson Resources

The Last Folk Hero: The Life and Myth of Bo Jackson by Jeff Pearlman

“Bo’s wife supports her favorite superstar // Linda Jackson’s career put on hold for a while” by Henri Rix

“Bo Jackson: Facing the Unknown” by Jessica Krampe

“Maybe Bo knows, but it is his wife, Linda, who really knows Bo” by Samantha Stevenson

“Bo Knows Normal” by Mitchell S. Jackson

Wilkins, A. C. (2012). Stigma and Status: Interracial Intimacy and Intersectional Identities among Black College MenGender & Society26(2), 165-189. 

“Heisman Trophy Winner Bo Jackson Awarded $21 Million in Cobb County Blackmail, Stalking Case” by Sam Sachs